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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


hi guys!
my friends mean the world to me, they have been there through the toughest times with me and I am SOOO grateful for them. They cheer me up when I am feeling down and make me laugh. I talk to most of them everyday, but if I don't, when I see them, we have the best time. I want to let them know how bloody grateful I am to have them. I want to tell them that I appreciate all the times they have made me laugh, laughed at my jokes, supported me in the things I love, talked about boys in the middle of the night, cheered me on in things, cheered me up when I feel down, bitched about bitches, sent me hilarious pictures, just been amazing people (even if you pretend to hate me ;)). You all mean the absolute world to me and I wouldn't exchange you for anybody else. I want to let you all know that i'm here for you and that i appreciate all that you've done for me over the time that we've known each other. I hope we carry on being friends for a long time! I am there for every single one of you, so if you need to talk, ALWAYS remember you have me to talk to, even if you think you nobody.
I love you all <3

NOBODY is alone, we all have somebody who cares for us. I am SOOO lucky to have these people and I probably don't deserve half of them.

thank you for reading this gushy post!
Ebonydaylightt x x x x
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