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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Berlin travel diary 2017

hey guys! So it is my half term and I have been trying to think of an idea for a new blog post for agess, but as you can see it hasn't exactly worked, so I have decided to do a Travel diary. Last month I was lucky enough to go to Berlin, Germany with my school on a history trip. we left on Thursday 12th January at the most ridiculous time imaginable. 3:30 AM?!?!?!?! Which meant I had to wake up at 2:45!?! So When I got to school, I registered and sat down next to an *acquaintance* because my two friends hadn't arrived. We drove to London Standstead, and I tried to sleep, but thanks to the boys behind me, that didn't last long AT ALL! (thanks Joe, also known as the bane of my existence!!). At about 5:40 we arrived at the airport, so we got into our registration groups to walk up to security and check in. In the queue, I managed to stand with my best guy friend(known since reception!) and we were talking rubbish because it was about 6am in the morning and we don't like being up at that kind of time. It took a while to get through security, because there were 70 just from my school, then the general public. Plus a couple of us had a LOT of stuff! After being a loud to get some food, we went to board the plane. I ended up getting a window seat, however I was sat next to two boys who I'm not too friendly with, but we all just slept on the flight, so that's okay. We got to Berlin at about 10:30, then a train to the city centre to drop our bags off at the hostel, which I thought was actually quite nice. I was sharing a room with 6 other girls, and we had a shower room and a toilet with 2 sinks and we had 3 big mirrors, which was good when we were all doing make up in the mornings!! We walked back to the train station(genuinely spent most of the trip here!) and went to get lunch. then we walked across the river to the Brandenburg gate and did a walking tour. I thought that the guy who did it was really good, but we were all so tired that nobody properly appreciated it. This lasted 2 hours and led us to a museum (name slips my mind now) however our feet were sooo cold that my friends and I just sat there until it was time to head back to the hostel. Whilst we were sat there, I had a conversation with a couple of my favourite teachers about TV and the evening activities, Oh and of course sleeping! We quickly headed back to the hostel via the train station, to have a questionable dinner of weird sausage things with cream(?) in the middle and salad, then we got back onto  a train to the Berlin TV tower. we had amazing views of the city and my close friend and I had another conversation with the brilliant teachers on the trip about. At 9:30, we headed back to the hostel to go to bed(FINALLY!). As soon as we got to the room, we were all getting ready for bed and I'm sure i was asleep by about 10:30!!   Day 2 and 3 will be up VERY SOON I PROMISE!!   Love from  Ebonydaylightt x x x x Instagram: @ebonydaylightt