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Friday, 21 July 2017

Being 'different' and love challenge

Hello guys!
I am realising that I'm terrible at keeping up with this! However today, I've chosen a topic that is very important to me. It regards being 'different' to the society's image created for each of us. I am a firm believer that everybody is a separate person and deserves to be respected for that, whatever their size, height, ethnicity or religion, especially in this day and age.

As some may know, I was born without a Thyroid, which is a developmental gland, so it has resulted in me being a lot shorter than the average for my age range. However, both my parents and grandma are all shorter than average, so that is also a contributing factor for me. From a young age, it has been pointed out to me on a daily basis that I am short. However the 'reminders' started to come in more frequently in year 7 because I was with a whole new group of peers. It began to bother me a lot and I'd get upset because people felt it was their daily duty to keep me reminded that I wasn't the same as them. It made me think I wasn't good enough to be around them. It's not right that a person should ever feel like they're not enough because everybody has an equal worth on the planet, even if you don't agree with them,

By year 9, I had given up caring with people making the daily taunt in my direction, and I embraced my appearance, and the fact that I wasn't going to make it past 5 foot. (although people don't understand that and promise that I will, PEOPLE I WENT TO A DOCTOR!!!)  In turn that made me more confident in myself and i started to like the rest of me more, not caring and small things like spots and my hair being a different length to most girls my age.  although i know that I have friends that support my decisions and accept me for who I am, I have an underlying fear that not everybody will accept me for who I am, especially boys that catch my interest. I also know that not everybody shares my opinion on people so they may not like the fact that I'm not what they view as perfect from the outside.

My friends and family are people who I want and like to be around, because they love me for everything, including "imperfections" that society have placed me in, and I love them for everything, including what they feel that their "imperfection" is. If somebody doesn't accept you, they may not be confident in themselves, so try to help them love and accept themselves, to help make them more confident. although, Don't push them into something that they are not comfortable with because that could harm your relationship with them.  

People are different, and you should respect that,
so I have a challenge for you,
please could you tell family, friends and acquaintances that you are glad that they are there, whatever the situation, and that you love what they are, for everything they are, and finally that they are worth all the love, support and success in the world.  By spreading love, we eliminate the hate, and by starting small, and spreading it, we can carry on doing so.

I love and support all of you, and wish you all the success in life. you deserve the world.
as one of my favourites songs says, "Don't look back in anger."
respect, love and accept.
LOADS of love
Ebonydaylightt x x x x
instagram: @ebonydaylightt