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Thursday, 29 September 2016

What I got for my birthday 2016

Hi guys! 
Last Tuesday was my 16th birthday so I thought that I'd so the normal "what I got for my birthday". I'm not trying to brag with anything I got but I'm so grateful for everything I recieved. 
 From my mum: 
Secret Charm by Victoria's Secret
This smells amazing!!!

The Real Technique basic face brushes and they are so nice!
The benefit minis kit. (Not sure if it's actually called this!) there are 2 primers, a  They're Real mascara,  Hoola Bronzer, Posie Tint, and High Beam. I love them all soo much!! 

I also got 2 tops and a jumper and tickets to HARLEQUINS VS WORCHESTER!!!! I'm so excited about it!🎉

From my Dad:
A box to put all my make up in when I take it from my Dad's to my Mum's and Vice versa. 

A new Welsh rugby shirt and tickets to WALES VS AUSTRALIA!!!  Again I am Ridicously excited. 

From my friends:

2 revolution palettes (highlighter and eyeshadow) 2 face masks (coconut and cherry) and a Lottie brush from Katie, Issy and Ellie!  
3 bomb cosmetic bath bombs, a Heathcote and Ivory lipbalm and bath fizzers from Charlotte and Freya. 

A beautiful necklace from Hannah,

These bracelets from Samiha and also a coat. 

This lovely necklace and amazing box from Naomi. 
The most amazing towel from Charlie. 
A gift card from Becca. 
An amazing photo booth set from Jess  
A collection of sweets (it's all got a bit jumbled!!) from different people. 

Some really amazing letters from Emma (I didn't take a picture!! 😁 these were so amazing and I love them!! 

A Pen, necklace and letter set from Chloe

And a piñata filled with sweets, earplugs, cat food😂 and a doll. This was from Fi, Mimi and Anna. 

I also recieved money and vouchers from friends and family including a new look voucher from Lydia. Thank you to everybody who got me a present. I am so grateful and I love them all!! 
Lots of love,
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Celebrity Crushes!

Hi Guys!
Firstly I need to apologise for not writing for over month! I was on holiday and everything went so fast, then I started Year 11 and I wanted to settle into the routine, but I'm really looking forward to the next couple of posts I've got planned! So this post is about my Celebrity crushes! As we all know, the summer Olympics and Paralympics were/ are in Rio De Janeiro and let me tell you, there were some HOT guys there this year!! also it will go over the other 3 million ;) I'll add their Instagrams so you can all go stalk them:)

1. Tyler Morgan- if you follow my Instagram, or know me personally, you will know how much I love The Welsh Rugby player, he has it all, Blonde hair, blue eyes, MUSCLES, cute smile. He hasn't played many international matches, but I still LOVE him. Instagram:@tylermorgan13
2. Max Whitlock- Our DOUBLE Olympic gold medalist. This man is a blessing :) he has a smile that    could literally melt icebergs, He's a gymnast so he's strong and he is shy and adorable. He deserved all of the success and I hope he does well in future competitions! Instagram: @maxwhitlock
3. Niall Horan- I know, I know, typical boyband crush, but who can blame me? A guitar, Irish, hot, funny cute guy is too good to be true!! As well as being a singer, he also owns a Golf management company! I can't wait to hear his new music! Instagram: @niallhoran
4. Shawn Mendes- another singer, who also plays guitar (starting to sense a theme?? ;)) his voice makes my heart melt and he is just a blessing to modern music! he is my favourite Canadian (I am NOT a Belieber!) and I can't wait for his next Album. Instagram: @shawnmendes
5. Jonnie Peacock- The most hilarious man and a very talented Paralympic athlete, GOLD medal winner at the Paralympics and got into a Tutu. He's a brilliant guy and joined in with The Last Leg: Live from Rio. Can't wait to see him on TV again! Instagram: @04jonpea

Okay these are my CURRENT celeb crushes but no doubt, by next week, I'll have 3 more :') so I'll  leave it there! I am so sorry for not posting but I was active on my Instagram (check it out ;) ) and I will continue to be!
lots of love,
Ebonydaylightt x x x x
Instagram: @ebonydaylightt