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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Update... Apology.

Hello guys! 
I am so sorry for not posting in AGES! I had run out of ideas and I didn't have a lot of time. Also Happy Easter! I hope you all had a good day. I went out with my family and packed to go to Wales (my favourite place!) it's now Easter holidays so hopefully I'll post on Saturday because where we are going in Wales has no WiFi!😭 I am taking a camera, so hopefully I should get some good pictures! I will leave a picture to make your day that tiny bit better! 
(Taron Egerton, actor in Testement of Youth, Kingsman; Secret service, an Eddie The Eagle.❤️❤️😍😍) 
Hope you enjoyed this short update post and see you next Saturday!! 
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Thursday, 3 March 2016

February favourites!

Hi guys! 
Today I thought I'd mix it up a bit and write something involving makeup, clothes, books, and food, so let's get on with it! 

1. I've been loving the Soap And Glory Supercat eyeliner. It's easy to apply and lasts a really long time. 
2. I've been using the Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in Starry-Eyed LOADS this month! My friends think that it's the only lipstick I own! (It's not!). It's a lovely burgandy colour which lasts a good length of time. I normally use a lipgloss over the top just to seal it. 

3. This month, I asked my stepdad to get some Ribena, because my friend had some at school and I remembered how much I love it, so I have some Ribena in the tumblr cup I got for Christmas and it lots soo cute! 
4. I have also been loving digestives this month, I mean does anybody Not like them?!? 

5. My favourite clothes have been a white top with navy stripes,  burgandy with white stripes top and a denim A-line, button front skirt, which I got on a gift car from New Look. 

6. My school essentials this month have been the Baby Lips Hydrate lip balm and The Body Shop Coconut Hand cream. They have been in my school blazer because I literally am in love with them! 

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this different post from me. Tbh I really loved writing this! 
Ebonydaylightt x x x x 
Qotd: name one of your beauty essentials for school! (If you have any!)