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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Berlin travel diary day 2

Hey guys!
So this is day 2 of my trip to Berlin with school!

we woke up at about 7am so we could all shower and then there was a knock at our door, I was still in my pjs at this point, but I went to open it, only to find 3 MALE teachers standing there, as you can imagine, I was slightly embarrassed, but my pjs were cute! haha. anyways, we all got showered and dressed, then went down for breakfast. This was actually pretty decent because there was a wide range of foods for us.  My friend and I went to register before heading to the station(see, we were there A LOT!) to go to Sachsenhausen, which was a concentration camp. On the train, thick snow started to fall. As we started to walk (yes WALK!!!) about half a mile from the station, the snow got gradually thicker and faster. Sadly it didn't stick.

We got to the camp and had a very compelling tour. It really made me think about the awful conditions that these people had to survive through. We heard some horrific stories from the camp. I believe that everybody should visit a concentration camp at some point in their lives, because it's so important that this never happens again.

After the tour, we walked back to the station. At this point, the wind and snow were absolutely horrible and I couldn't physically move my face. Thankfully we got onto the train and back into Berlin. My friend and I ate our... interesting... lunch on the train. We then went to the Story of Berlin Museum and Bunker. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip because we saw more than just the war, and how it was before and after, as well as during soviet control. I also enjoyed it because we were inside!!!! After that we finally went back to the hostel to have dinner and relax for a bit.

After dinner we walked to the Reichstag building, (the German Parliament building) and we went up to the glass dome. For the second night in a row, we had amazing views of Berlin, which will never leave my memory.

we got back to the hostel at about 10pm so started to get ready for bed. My room were in bed by 11, apart from Emily (thanks Em for keeping us up!) and I gradually fell asleep... until I was woken up by everybody running up and down the corridor outside our room and shouting. I lay there fuming for about an hour until our teachers came to shout at everybody to go to bed.  Then I went to sleep very very quickly.

That was day two! i'm so sorry for the long gap! Day 3 will definitely have a shorter gap between!!
Love from
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

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