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Sunday, 20 December 2015

character lovin'

we all have our favourite fictional characters, i am no exception. My favourite character is Violet from The Jewel by Amy Ewing; it is such an amazing book and Violet is such a strong girl, who was taken from her family at age 11, then is taken to be  surrogate in the capital, miles away from her family. She also falls in love and the story between Violet and Ash is incredible, one day i hope to have love like theirs. I want to be strong, and brave like Violet.

Another character that I love is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, cliche but i honestly don't care. Who doesn't love Harry Potter??  She is amazingly smart and has some of the best lines in the books. I can really relate to her in some of the books and that's what draws me to her. I love that she doesn't let her love take over her life like some other characters and she gets on with life.

At the end of each post, I am going to ask a question, and if you want to answer it, please do in the comments. Today's question is: Who is your favourite fictional character and why?

I probably won't post again until after christmas, but feel free to give any suggestions one what you want me to blog about!

Merry Christmas and Lots Of Love,
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Almost Christmas!

At the moment i am really excited because of the best time in the year.... CHRISTMAS!!! who doesn't love it? i mean the food, and presents and music and tv and family getting together. It's my favourite day of the year and this year is no exception.

do you like christmas? do you celebrate it? i find it so interesting that only a few years ago hardly anywhere was open on christmas day because almost everybody celebrated it, but each year, more and more places seemed to be open. Maybe it's because i was and still am growing up, but it's funny how our perception of the world changes, we find out that it isn't all it seems, with wars,terrorists, and illness around the world. We in the UK and other MEDCs are lucky because almost everybody has somewhere warm on christmas day, we are all sat round tables eating and drinking and laughing. some children don't get this so from an early age they have a bad perception of the world.

The one thing I ask this christmas, is that you hope these people who do not have the same as you, have a good christmas.

thanks for reading,
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Monday, 30 November 2015

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. Hermann Hesse
hi guys!
I'm so sorry that i haven't posted in a while, there are two reasons for this, one is that i've had school things going on and the other is that i didn't know what to write after the last post. But I found this quote and thought i could write about it.

Question: who thinks this is an inspirational quote?? personally I think it is because we all hold onto things for too long and we need to all let go of those things. I'm probably one of the worst for this. i hold grudges for too long and then i turn people against me. I know personally that girls are a lot worse but boys can be the same.

see ya all on Wednesday!
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Monday, 23 November 2015

The change

I always think that I'm different, that people don't like me and I'm horrible. I feel like people just pretend to like me. I know i'm probably just being stupid, but I am very sensitive, I get upset more easily than other people. I cry more and people think I'm a crybaby. Society is a hypocrite, they  tell you to be independant, but the perfect person is tall, athletic, beautiful/handsome, smart, and Rich. They tell you that you are perfect even if you're not. They tell you not to show feeling but sometimes it's really hard, especially if it's about someone you love. They tell you to feel happy with what you look like but that's ridiculous, because we see social media and magazines with pictures of people like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift or BeyoncĂ©. They are all stunning, smart and rich. They all have something to feel happy about. People tell you about depression and how to overcome it, but not how you fall into it. I don't have depression but people suffer from it everyday. People just say "you'll get better." But at that point in time you don't know if you will.

My suggestion is if anybody you know is struggling with life, just make them feel like its worth it. Just text them saying "are you okay?" If they say no, don't say "you'll get better" give them advice and tell them that it will get better but it takes time, but that time is worth it in the end when you get out of the depression. I want to make a change in this world. I don't want people to suffer, with anything. Especially mental health issues, I want to let people know that they are not alone, even in their darkest hours, there will be someone there to talk. 

Ebonydaylightt x x x x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Paris Attacks 2015.

Today I am going to ask everybody to think of Paris. On the 13th November 2015 at around 9pm, there were a number of terrorist attacks around Paris. So far there have been at least 120  deaths and 200 injuries. The worst attack was at the Bataclan, a French concert hall. There, 80 people were killed before the police raided the venue. 2 of the terrorists killed themselves and 1 was caught in the gunfire. There was a friendly football game at stade de France between France and Germany. There were 2 audible explosions there. We know that it wasn't just one group. There were at least 2 terrorist groups carrying out these horrific attacks on the Concert Hall, National Stadium, 2 restaurants and the streets. 

I hope everybody who reads this can think of what the people of Paris must be going through today. Not just the victims' families, but just the general public and witnesses of the attacks. My thoughts are with Paris, the City Of Lights, My Favourite City. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Habits and Confession.

As you grow older you form good and bad habits, everybody does. they could include being really sarcastic or feeling the need to help people when they are stuck.

One of my bad habits is that when I like something, i have to find out everything about it, and I mean Everything! The first thing was Harry Potter, then Les miserables, then Eddie Redmayne, then Thomas Brodie Sangster. I know more about these things and people than i do about school related things, this is really bad especially since I am in the first year of doing GCSEs. I can tell you more about Eddie Redmayne and his first West-end part as Workhouse boy #43 than about Circle theorems. I know it annoys people, but I can't stop or talk about anything else.

All my friends have a talent or are really smart, whereas i feel like i can't do anything, and that i'm not good at anything. they can play a musical instrument or dance or ride or ice skate, then there's me. i'm not amazing at anything. I'm just average. I love to sing, but i was rejected for our house music competition last year. I love Acting, but i always get bad parts, like a male elf. i love to cook but it never goes to plan. i just want to be good at one thing, or is that too much to ask for?  

Sunday, 25 October 2015


when you are young, you might find someone who you think you love and as you get older it may blossom into something more, but the worst part is when you don't know if you like them or not. In all of the rom-coms, it goes straight into the characters getting together, but not the yearning that the people do, sometimes this goes on for months, maybe even years. you don't know what to do with yourself when they are with someone else. You feel worthless when they brush you off and awful when they ignore you.

you need to be confident, i am struggling with this at the moment. I am at the point in my teenage years where i just feel like giving up on the boy I like. Sometimes i try to convince myself that he might like me, but i know that it isn't case. Of course i want it to be, but i need to start telling myself that i need to let go of that daydream.

I daydream a lot, especially in school when i'm meant to be working... I know i should stop but i can't. if you have been in the same position, please tell me!!!!

Ebonydaylight x x x

Sunday, 11 October 2015

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