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Sunday, 17 April 2016


Hi guys!
Today is an intresting day for my blog because I'm doing something I didn't think I'd do. I'm going to tell you my actual name, and a couple of facts about myself.  
Firstly my name is Milly
I have an obsession with rugby 
My parents don't know I write this blog. 
I felt I needed to come clean with this because I want you guys to know me, not just some fake identity I made up. I want to be truthful here, and let you know my true feelings and maybe move away from deeper posts and do more beauty and fashion-related posts. I will show you my face soon but I'm not comfortable yet to do so. Please let me know what you think of me doing this. I won't be offended! 

Thanks for reading!! 
Ebonydaylightt or Milly!  x x x x
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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Rugby at Wembley!

Hey guys! 
So today I went to see Saracens V Harlequins at Wembley stadium! It was an amazing experience though sadly the Harlequins (who I was supporting) lost! However the hottest English player, Owen Farrell played!!!!😍 just saying if you don't know him, google it! I just wanted to let you guys know that my Instagram ( @ebonydaylightt sorry for that self promo!!!!) will be full of pictures for the next few days! I have no shame, I just want you to tell me when to stop!!! Also I'll do a more serious post tomorrow!! I just wanted to update you on my life!
Thanks for reading!
Ebonydaylightt x x x x 
Qotd: books or films?? 
Aotd: books 
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Sunday, 3 April 2016

What's in my handbag???

Hi guys!!
 Today I'm doing a what's in my bag because I felt like itπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚. 
This is the over view Of what is in it. This is the bag (£40 accessorise) 
I got the bag for Christmas from my mum and I fell in love with it! It has two MASSIVE compartments and one small pocket. 
So... Let's get into the bag! 
First things are my headphones. I have two because after a while the big ones hurt my ears so I take my (old) apple earphones as well just in case. 
Next, I have my iPod because it has my FAVOURITE playlist on it! If you want to see my playlist, I wrote a post a few months ago! (Self-promo guys, I'm sorry!) 
Next I have my notepad because I love jotting down notes for potential new posts. I have had this for years so I have no idea where I got it! 
I have my sunglasses and normal glasses so that when I go on car journeys I can see when it is sunny, and I have my normal glasses for the cinema, and if my eyes are hurting. 
I then have my battery charger my the camera and some parcetamol. I've been borrowing my dad's camera for the holidays, so I took this on holiday to charge the camera batteries. And I often get headaches, so I have these in my bag for emergencies, or incase someone I'm with needs one. 
I then have this makeup bag which was an Easter present from my mum, which I keep my makeup, spare batteries, hand cream and perfume in because I don't want them to break. 
At the moment I have jelly babies because I had them for the car journey on holiday because they are my favourite sweets!! 
My purse is always in my bag for obvious reasons but I've had this for years so I'm not sure where it's from. 
In the makeup bag there is:
-Bodyshop coconut hand cream £4
-BabyLips in Hydrate around £3 (later that day my friend ruined it cos he ate it!!)
-PocketBac in pure paradise  It was a present so I'm not sure on costs. 
-A flip brush with a mirror from my stocking last year. 
-The library of Fragrances in Thunderstorm £15 boots. 

I hope you liked this post!
Ebonydaylightt x x x x 
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