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Monday, 8 August 2016

Shopping haul!

Hi guys! 
Today I am doing my clothing haul from London/Portsmouth! Many of the clothing items were in the sale so they might not be in stock for much longer but I hope you enjoy this! 
This top from Brandy Melville was from topshop on Oxford street! It was £14 pounds. It is off the shoulder and elasticated at the waist. 
This top was in the sale at topshop and is a lovely cropped ruffled floral top. It cost £10 down from £26, which I think is an amazing bargain for something so pretty! 

This light blue crop top cost £6, from topshop, personally I think it is slightly over priced but I loved the colour so much that it was worth it. I would normally wear this under a forever 21 black tank top to add a bit of colour. 

This halter neck top was also from topshop (guess what, I love topshop!!😂) and it cost £7 down from £12, again a really good bargain. I would wear this with shorts on holiday ( coming up!) especially in hot country. 

The next item is this ribbed grey top from topshop it cost only £3 down from £9. It's so simple but effective with many outfits! And very comfy so I'll be wearing it to travel! 

So when I finally escaped from topshop (which is MASSIVE!!) I headed to H&M where I got 2 things, this dress was the first and it cost £12.99. I wore this to a weddin recently and got many compliments so it was a good purchase! I love the colours of the flowers, and it works so well with the background! It can be worn as a big occasion dress or just a causal holiday dress with converse! 

My next purchase was also from H&M and they are light denim shorts that cost £5 down from £19.99, another amazing saving if I do say so myself😉. I've been looking for a nice pair of shorts for a long time because I'm self-conscious about being a shorter, curvier girl so I wanted to find a comfortable pair to wear on holiday. 

My next purchase was in Gunwharf quays in Portsmouth. This top was from Gap and I couldn't find the price (sorry!) I thought it would look really nice with jeans or shorts and it could also be dressy or causal. I think is really nice and I can't wait to wear it more! 

These lipglosses are smashbox and they are gorgeous. For the 3 they cost £13.50 which is amazing. They were from a makeup outlet in Portsmouth and are a really good purchase!! 

This hairspray was just a top up buy but I thought I'd include it. So far it has held very well and is a useful buy it cost £2.99 but it is massive so is worth it. 

I also got some heat proof spray, from superdrug, so I can protect my hair when I curl it. I can't remember the cost but it was worth it. 

This eyeshadow stick was from Kiko in Covent garden and it cost just over £4. It is a beautiful gold colour and it blends really well. 

I hoped you enjoyed this and that I've inspired you to go and get some of them! 
Ebonydaylightt x x x x 
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