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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Habits and Confession.

As you grow older you form good and bad habits, everybody does. they could include being really sarcastic or feeling the need to help people when they are stuck.

One of my bad habits is that when I like something, i have to find out everything about it, and I mean Everything! The first thing was Harry Potter, then Les miserables, then Eddie Redmayne, then Thomas Brodie Sangster. I know more about these things and people than i do about school related things, this is really bad especially since I am in the first year of doing GCSEs. I can tell you more about Eddie Redmayne and his first West-end part as Workhouse boy #43 than about Circle theorems. I know it annoys people, but I can't stop or talk about anything else.

All my friends have a talent or are really smart, whereas i feel like i can't do anything, and that i'm not good at anything. they can play a musical instrument or dance or ride or ice skate, then there's me. i'm not amazing at anything. I'm just average. I love to sing, but i was rejected for our house music competition last year. I love Acting, but i always get bad parts, like a male elf. i love to cook but it never goes to plan. i just want to be good at one thing, or is that too much to ask for?  

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  1. You're talent is your amazing personality! Love you to pieces <3 x