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Monday, 11 January 2016


You can have your own opinions on things and people shouldn't judge you. Even if their view is different, they shouldn't go too far to making you change yours. It is completely natural to have debates, but when i am social media, I see people having full-blown arguments on some famous persons picture or tweet. maybe someone has said "i think you are beautiful" but then someone else replies "she's not so don't say that." my first trouble with that is, if you don't like the person, why do you follow them? And my second thought is that it is the first person's OPINION.

Personally I don't like Justin Bieber, or his music, so I don't follow him on social media and i don't listen to his music (if i can help it)  but I voice my opinion to my friends, not random people on instagram or twitter. I like rugby and Shawn Mendes and some of my friends don't like those things so we all have different preferences. mine just isn't Justin Bieber. I joke around if a friend likes Justin Bieber by saying we can't be friends anymore, but they know that i'm joking and don't get offended. they have their likes and i have mine and our preferences make us different and that's why we are close.

Okay i have a question... should i keep just doing post like this^ or should i do reviews or beauty posts??????

qotd: do you like something you friends don't?
aotb: yes, rugby especially welsh rugby!!
 thanks for reading
Ebonydaylightt x x x x

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